Batch 2018

Path Surgery

Path Surgery is a medical travel company connecting hospitals and patients in different countries. We exist to make medical traveling transparent and safe with our all-inclusive service and good cooperation with hospitals.


Neuroflux combines, visualizes, and analyzes waste water pumping station data, reducing the need for manual work for water utility personnel. With machine learning, we detect pipe blockages and leaks immediately, without any human input or additional hardware.


HELT combines four trends; wellness, digitalization, live-streaming and dynamic pricing, to empower instructors and deliver authentic wellness experiences to consumers. Our vision is to make the world a healthier place by becoming the preferred digital wellness channel – globally.


Mesensei is a startup dedicated for promotion of knowledge transfer in support of lifelong learning, business and social inclusion. Our service builds on competencies and technology enforcing private networking, knowledge transfer and event management.

Robo.CEO is an AI-powered collaboration platform, which brings together an ecosystem of skilled people and empowers them to build, run and scale remote organisations online.


Mapple combines all different data streams within the city space and turns them into easily accessible, understandable and consumable visual information. Using Mapple companies, cities and consumers can easily integrate location data into their decision making process.


For sound directors, who need to organize festivals in a stress-free environment, Ridline is a collaboration software that teams up bands and event organizers. Unlike PDFs, Excel or Trello, the product is tailored for the music industry needs.


BackedByCFO is the first white label behavior analytics which helps accounting industry to sell new services by their own data.

Railo delivers real-time preventive and optimizing insight to employees based on their own hand-picked metrics. With a new anonymous HR function they can achieve real-world changes in taboo areas. Companies receive accurate real-time information on how they are doing.


ClarifyMe is a cloud communication platform for projects, that makes discussing the details and making decisions dumb easy and efficient. It's like a messenger on steroids, aimed specifically on talking to people outside of your team.


Aitoo’s mission is to move healthcare focus from fire fighting against diseases to prevention. Consequences will be physical and mental well-being and massive savings at healthcare costs. We accomplish results with gameful and scientific approach.

Bald & Grey Hair

We develop algorithmic trading strategies that are being automatically executed by reacting to markets in real time. We are a technologically advanced hedge fund, that uses statistical and computational methods to validate and execute investment strategies.


COFAN is an innovative platform using blockchain to provide analytics of relevant reviews. Our aim is to improve marketing strategy and performance of the company. Friendly interface and opportunity to receive coupons motivate users take advantages of our APP.

Young Finnish Design

YFD offers a new way of purchasing Finnish design through crowdfunding. Customers can get the newest interior design products by young Finnish designers with a lower cost from the first manufactured batch.