batch of summer 2017 

Cars are beautiful, maintaining the car is ugly. Carpick eases the life of the car owners by picking, maintaining and dropping your car to the right place at the right time. Carpick service is enabled by a web based application. Just tell your address and the service you need, Carpick handles everything else.
DeskMe is the Airbnb of co-working spaces that is directly integrated into corporate hot-desking offices for consistent user experience! DeskMe utilizes a unique combination of IoT technology and philosophy of sharing economy to achieve maximum office resource efficiency for corporate clients, pleasant experience for the users and an unprecedented marketplace exposure for the co-working spaces worldwide!
Holda is a payment system for any online second hand marketplace. We are the middleman between buyer and seller holding the money during the shipping process. After each transaction both buyer and seller rate each other making Holda a network of trust that can be used on any online flea marketplace. We are a team of two businessman, four developers and a soon-to-be-lawyer. After Kiuas Accelerator we will be heading for a funding round.
Monochrome is the leading Instagram Influencer Agency in Finland. We build bridges between brands and top influencers. Our influencer network consists of over 500 Finnish Influencers. At the moment, we are developing a groundbreaking automated influencer platform, where firms can effectively find the best matching influencers and create their own influencer marketing campaigns..
Inventshift is a multi-vertical online marketplace for services where your need creates positive impact. Purchase instant bookable packages on the go or enquire about complex bookings from various service niches. Our current focus is on services around the events industry. 
We are a social enterprise and believe that it is the future of business. Through every booking  we contribute 5% to our fund where we have connected with charity partners from India, Kenya and Bangladesh working tirelessly to help eradicate poverty through education.
Action-Reaction Games is a mobile game start-up company, based out of Helsinki, Finland. The company is in the field of multiplayer- and competitive esports gaming. In addition, the company is in the field of mass-media products such as movies, TV series or books, service-based mobile gaming.
We develop our own original mass media products, such as the multi-purpose Battle Blobs™ IP that is in the pre-production and we also develop games in close collaboration with owners of entertainment products and IPs. We have a great emphasis in the cross-team collaboration to ensure a close connection between the game and the original entertainment product – for example, an animated movie.
SuomiHealth provides an all-inclusive health experience for Chinese patients in Finland. Our package includes medical treatment, transportation, translation, accommodation and activities in clean environment by trusted healthcare professionals. SuomiHealth is partnering with top hospitals and medical clinics in Finland offering the high-quality Finnish healthcare to Chinese patients. Along with more serious healthcare, we offer wellness travel for our customers including health check-ups and nature walks. At the core of our operations is the easy-to use platform offering all-inclusive service for customers and making it easy for our partners to service the new customer segment coming from China.
Sphaer is an Airline for the digital age. We aim to create the best air travel experience for the on-demand customer.