batch of summer 2017 teams

Application period

Is this a different program than Summer of Startups?
No, it's the same program, fully reformed and rebranded.

Is the program only for Aalto students?
No! The program is for everyone regardless of their educational background, nationality or experience of entrepreneurship.

How many people can the team consist of?
There are no limits, but too many or too few is always bad for the team’s capabilities. 2-4 founders is considered to be optimal.

From what elements should the team consist of?
Teams should consist of versatile skills and should have knowledge on the idea you work on. If its tech-oriented, you should have a lot of tech-knowledge etc.

What if I have intrest to the program but I have an summer job already?
No worries. Summer jobs come and go but this is an opportunity of a lifetime. You can always cancel your agreements politely and your employer will understand.

How many teams will be selected to the program?

What if we don't get picked to the program?
We have always a back up plan. Apply to the Incubator that runs 24/7/365!

How many teams usually apply?
Usually the amount of applications have been around 100.
Kiuas Accelerator

Sooo what will the program really look like in summer?
The usual weeks will go like this: Workshops on mondays, coaching and one-on-ones during the week depending on the coaches and your timetable. Wednesday afternoons are dedicated for BBQ:s that are sponsored by our various partners. Fridays will be for recapping the past week and evaluating your progress with the coaches. We will give you the proper tools to use, but it's up to the your team to do the work.

Will everyone finish the program?
Perhaps. In Aaltoes we have this mentality that we run. If your team doesn't put full effort during the summer, there's a possibility that you may be eliminated. But don't worry, we have our full trust in the teams that we

How am I able to pay my rent and the running expenses that show up during the summer?
We will give the teams monthly grants depending on the teams size and the need of money. Food and drinks will be provided during workshop days.

When will the Demoday be held?
Demoday will be on 08.09.

Why should I apply?
If you're hard working, motivated and full of energy to work on our unique business idea for the summer, you're the perfect match for us.

Ready to run.